Have you wondered, "What happened? This is not how I thought it would be." Parenting is one of life's most challenging and rewarding journeys. I want to help you have the relationship with your child you've always dreamed of. I want to help you end the behavior in your home that is causing so much angst and sorrow. Together we will discover all of the strengths in your family and in yourself. We will use those strengths to create strategies and tools that work. I love what I do, and I want to support you in implementing positive change in your life!

Why Parent Coaching?


What is Parent Coaching?

Parent coaching is growing worldwide as an effective way to help moms and dads develop practical, long-term solutions to parenting challenges. I support your highest aspirations for yourself, your children and your family…and help you attain them! So much is possible! Sometimes we need a new perspective and some extra support. That's what I'm here for.

Why work with a Parent Coach?

We all go through challenges while raising kids. We will work together to lay out simple plans that are easy to implement and have huge impacts. You will see profound changes in yourself and in your child’s behavior. I can help…

  • Put the joy back in parenting - bringing more lightness, laughter & love into your home.
  • Support you in your self-care - building feelings of calm, empowerment and optimism. 
  • Make your life easier by providing practical tools based on the latest research. 
  • Give strategies that work for morning routines, bedtime and sleep issues, respectful communication, not listening, power struggles, sibling rivalry, tantrums, and whining. 
  • Provide successful methods for managing screen time and social media influences. 
  • Help moms and dads remain loving through divorce; help single parents thrive. 
  • Assist you with living your parenting priorities.

Working with Me

My education at the Parent Coaching Institute along with my experience as a mother of four have given me the training and insights necessary to coach you effectively. I offer an opportunity for you to feel heard and valued in a nonjudgemental dialogue.  If you feel drained and frustrated, I can help. If you have an emotional, anxious and challenging child, I feel your despair. You've tried everything! You want things to be different - calmer, more peaceful, and more connected. I understand and I'm here for you. 

“Coaching with Jacqueline gave me a framework to reimagine my dreams for my children, myself and my co-parenting partnership. Her tools helped me introduce new routines and expectations at home, and let go of guilt. Most surprisingly, I developed an awareness of my own gifts, so I can continue to grow with faith in myself—even when the parenting journey is unpredictable.” - L.H., Darien, CT

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